Artistic Analysis of the Face


Dr. Benslimane developed an advanced consultation for aesthetic evaluation : The Artistic Analysis of the Face.


The Artistic Analysis of the Face consists of superimposing the patient's 3-D image on a 3-D composite image from thousands of individuals of the same ethnicity who have a similar face shape. This standard composite model represents an "average statistic appearance or beauty”.


The shape variations between the patient's 3-D image and the standard composite model are recorded, analysed then translated into a care program.
Most importantly, the facial landmarks defining the patient's specific physical characteristics are identified and maintained unchanged.


Superimposing the patient's 3-D image onto an "average" appearance or beauty, combined with retaining the landmarks defining the intrinsic characteristics of each individual’s face, thereby guarantees a natural result.

The artistic analysis of the face was developed and refined by Dr. Benslimane during more than fifteen years of research. It allows a scientific translation of the instinctive-unconscious perception of the physical appearance.

It also provides a unique opportunity for setting up a care program precisely tailored to the patient’s characteristics.

The artistic analysis of the face prior to any aesthetic procedure avoids a standardization of beauty and respects one of the most important aspects of beauty: physical diversity.


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